Feedbackery for you.

We bring you our product to assist you with all your feedback needs.




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Get instant feedback on your website/feature

Simply place a feedback button anywhere you wish and collect quick feedbacks.

  • Perfect for SaaS products
  • User friendly
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Customise your feedback pop up

Easily customise the pop up in simple steps. Also, add any configuration as per need.

  • Easily customisable
  • Add advanced configuration
  • Simple and quick
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Quick and easy to integrate

A simple copy and paste will do the task. You can customise the feedback button to match you overall design.

  • Hassle-free
  • Copy+Paste is all you need
  • Integrate directly in your code
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Collect User feedback with few clicks

You can collect valuable feedback without wasting any time. And minimum effort required by the user.

  • Easy to understand
  • User-centric while catering to your needs
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Monitor all Feedbacks on our dashboard

Our dashboard will give you all the statistics in one place. You can sort and analyse as per convenience.

  • Detailed analysis
  • Simple to understand
  • Sort and filter as per choice
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Sentiment analysis for each feedback

Our AI will provide with a sentiment analysis for each feedback received. It saves your time to read each and every comment yourself. You can view them all in a glance to get final results.

  • Provides insight into each comment
  • AI work at its best
  • Get overview by just a glance
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Works on any device

Get access to our dashboard on you laptop as well as your phone. Now, you can check you feedback status from anywhere at the the tip of your fingers.

  • Works on any device
  • Dashboard at your fingertips
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